David Llorente, silver, and Joan Crespo, bronze, in the K1 World Cup fina
  • 30.12.2019

The Basque paddler was very regular in the C1 final of the World Canoeing Championship of the Seu d’Urgell. The double Olympic medalist Maialen Chourraut played in the final of K1 and finished tenth.

Ander Elosegui won the silver medal in category C1 of the World Canoeing canoe of the Seu d’Urgell. (Copyright / Parc del Segre)

Irún’s paddler finished second in the C1 final of the World Championship of whitewater slalom canoeing of the Seu d’Urgell and qualified for Olympic Games.

The Basque Ander Elosegi became the protagonist of the C1 canoe final of the Whitewater Canoeing World Championship that is being held in La Seu d’Urgell. Irún’s paddler hung up the silver medal and obtained the best result of his sports career. In addition, he qualified to play his fourth Olympic Games. In the previous three I sign an Olympic diploma. He finished fourth in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, and in Rio de Janeiro he finished in eighth place. His challenge is to get the podium on his fourth Olympic date. After what was seen in the Parc Olímpic del Segre de la Seu d’Urgell, Ander Elostegui left evidence that he is on the right track.

Elosegi was the only representative of the Spanish team. He could not qualify, the young Catalan value Miquel Travé, double European champion in K1 and C1 Junior in 2018. The player finished seventeenth in the semifinals. Nor did the Galician Luis Fernández twenty-eighth. In the final only the top ten agreed.

After three Olympic diplomas, fourth in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, and eighth in Rio de Janeiro, Ander Elosegi dreams of the podium in the Olympic Games. from Tokyo 2020.

The young Frenchman Cedric Joli -90.84 seconds- gave the surprise and won the gold medal with fifty-one seconds advantage over Elostegui -91.35-. Slovenian Luc Bozic made the fastest descent, but as he penalized two seconds for knocking on one of the doors, he had to settle for third place.

After receiving the silver medal, the Basque player stressed that “it was a perfect day because in the semifinals I secured the Olympic place and the qualification for a final in which I took the silver with a drop that I enjoyed a lot. I am on the right track and in good shape to improve the results I had in my previous three Olympics »

Maialen Chourraut World Seu d’Urgell

Maialen Chourraut yielded below expectations in the final of K1. (Copyright / Parc del Segre)
In women’s K1, the current Olympic champion, Maialen Chourraut, did not have the day and I play in the final. The Basque, resident in the Seo de Urgell, suffered a penalty of fifty seconds after skipping gate 20 of a total of 25 and was off the podium. The joy, but it already has the place to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Games.

The two other two representatives of the Spanish team, Catalans Laia Sorribes and Marta Martinez and Andorra’s Monica Doria were eliminated in the semifinals. However, Andorra obtained for the first time Olympic place in the whitewater modality.

Maialen Chourraut was not fine in the final of K1, tenth, but her presence was assured in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Slovenian Eva Tercej -94.27- gave the surprise and won the gold medal. The new K1 world champion made a very dynamic descent and surpassed by 42 seconds Jessica Fox, the great favorite and defender of the title. New Zealand paddler Luuka Jones -94.77- finished third.

Eva Tercelj said very excited that “gold has been a big surprise for me. I didn’t expect to win, really. And here I am with the hung world gold. It was obviously one of my seasonal goals and I got it, but it was very difficult. I concentrated as few times and at the same time enjoyed the descent of the atmosphere of the Seu with many people cheering. I will remember this day forever ».

Laia Sorribes World Seu d’Urgell

Laia Sorribes finished in the nineteenth position the semifinals test (Copyright / Turiski)
The veteran 36-year-old athlete accepted his disappointment at the Seu d’Urgell World Cup with good humor and wanted to point out that “the best Maialen has not been seen. I had trouble navigating free. I entered the final very fair, suffering a lot from the big mistake I had before the bridge, between two lifts. Today I won that Olympic place with my name and surname for Tokyo 2020. I will be there, and now to work hard to improve. It has been a shame not to return to the public of the Seu d’Urgell everything he has given me: the push, the encouragement. Thanks to all the fans, it has been a very special World Cup ».