Profitable bets: What they are and how to find them
  • 06.12.2019

Winning money with sports betting is a dream of many people, but doing it consistently and systematically is complicated but possible. To do this, we must be methodical and try to make the maximum number of profitable bets we can. But what is a profitable bet? How do I locate them? How much should I bet?

These are questions that we will try to answer in this article.

What is a profitable bet?

A profitable bet is one that provides low risk earnings . That is to say, it is a type of bet that we can repeat with certain assiduity and that we know that it will report benefits to us with certainty.

We consider that profitable bets are those that have odds between 1.5 and 2.0 although that may change depending on the event in question and the quota at which the bet we want to make is quoted.

Of course, no bet is 100% safe unless the event is rigged. That you must take into account.

How to find profitable bets?

To find profitable bets it is advisable to have advanced knowledge of a certain sport. If we are experts in football, it will be easier for us to find profitable bets in that sport than in another we don’t know so much about.

A profitable bet should always have a balance between risk and benefit. It is useless to make 20 combined each week of 8 selections each because A: It is very risky B: It is not profitable if you lose all bets. That’s what funbets are for.

Examples of profitable bets

Profitable bets are often found pulling statistics. In a duel Nadal Djokovic in hard court, the Serbian is usually favorite no matter how well Nadal is. The opposite happens in clay, where I could say that Manacorí is almost always a favorite.

Another clear example can be seen in MotoGP: In recent seasons Márquez has dominated the category with an iron hand. If a race does not come out in the front line due to a problem or fall in the classification, it is not a problem, because it will almost always opt for victory.

Imagine that the Cervera rider leaves in say, seventh position, his quota will be higher than if he left from pole. We also know that the circuit in which he runs that week is good (checks his history of past years) reason for more to bet on him.

In football, if you are a fan of a large La Liga team and they are not well, do not be afraid to bet on the rival team. You better than anyone know what your team can do. Leave your heart aside and bet with your head.

How to obtain maximum profitability

To get the best profitability on bets , it is essential to check the odds of the bookmakers in which you are registered.

It is always advisable to be registered in several bookmakers to bet on the one in which the chosen bet has the highest odds. Sometimes, the difference can be quite palpable.

Most lucrative betting markets

As we have said before, profitable bets are a mixture of risk and probability.

Double chance

Joining the best of both worlds are double chance bets . They usually have very low fees because they are the result of joining two forecasts of 3 possible.

But in certain cases, it compensates to use them because there is a high probability that the non-favorite team wins or at least draw. This case usually occurs returning to the previous example.

If you think your team can have a hard time with a more modest team that also plays at home, it is a perfect opportunity to try your luck and try to make a profit.

Example: Large team in crisis with bad relationship between players and coach. They play at home against a half-table team and there is a high probability that they will not win. Bet X2 in favor of the visiting team.

Asian handicap

In most cases, large teams have very low odds against others. One way to make things more interesting is to apply an Asian handicap -1 so that they have to win by at least 2 goals difference. If they only win by 1 nothing happens because the bet is voided. Play with the handicaps to get higher returns, but without going over because greed breaks the sack.

Example: If Barça plays against the colista at home and it is expected to beat up, you can apply a handicap to Barcelona -2 which will improve the quota significantly.