I tell you how you can live on bets
  • 08.12.2019

More and more people place bets on the Internet and many of them dream of making a living from sports betting . After all, it is not a bad a priori plan, but the truth is that to live on bets you need a lot of perseverance, discipline and cold blood, things that most players lack.

Live betting

That does not mean that at any given time you cannot get a large sum of money with a risky bet. Surely the man who a few years ago bet that Leicester won the Premier League did not meet any of those qualities and look where, the man pocketed more than 200,000 pounds.

Options to live on bets

To live on the bets , you are either an “ax” by guessing forecasts or you become a tipster and you start charging your customers for your forecasts. These are the two profiles of people who make money with bets.

If you decide to roll for betting without outside help, you should know that if you are a constant winner, of those that there are not many, chances are that bookmakers limit the amounts you can bet on each bet.

Don’t forget that bookmakers are here to make money and if you continually withdraw large amounts of money you may be forced to change your bookmaker because of a limitation.

You can skip that limitation by betting on foreign betting houses .com or by betting through an intermediary, which is what you usually do when betting on sites like Pinnacle.com for example.

Such houses are known because they do not limit users but have other types of disadvantages such as a small number of markets and few promotions compared to the houses here.

All this brings us to the next point. To be a constant winner, you need to have a healthy bank . We talk about 4 figures minimum and if they are 5 better. Come on, that 1% of your bank equals € 10 or more.

Not everyone can afford that type of disbursement when depositing, and those who do it of course is because they see it future and they will take it seriously (or because they are irresponsible).

Hire a tipster

Hiring the services of a tipster or forecaster is a very good option to win. The problem is that there are many who are not reliable enough, especially among those who are free. And remember that to live on bets you have to win almost systematically.

With the premium tipster there are varied experiences. There are some that are not worth the price they cost and others that are worth it. But we return to the usual. Many of those tipsters publish their picks at very high odds that last a few minutes and you have to be very aware of them to be able to place bets on time.

If you want to see free tipsters that deserve a little worthwhile, the best thing you can do is go to Blogabet and see which tipsters have a higher yield . This brings us another problem. Many of them falsify their statistics so you have to find someone who has their verified picks.

Tips and tricks to live betting

The first advice we can give you is to take it seriously . It is a truism but many people ignore it.

75% of players in Spain lose money on bets and less than 1% win more than € 3000 per year with them. But of course, almost all of them take it as a recreational activity rather than as an extra job.

Choose the tipster well: If you are going to use some free tipster, make sure you have the verified tips and look for opinions on the net.

If you are going to use some premium service, look for a lot of information about the service you provide and read many opinions before making a decision.

A payment tipster is not excessively expensive per month, but you have to make sure it is worth it. Another option is to get into sites like Forocoches.com and look for a set of premium tipsters that exist.

In this way the cost of the monthly payment is distributed among several users and the thing is remarkably cheaper.

Respect the bankroll: It is advice given to both new and veteran bettors. If you run out of bank the only way to fix it is to scratch your pocket.

That is why it is so important to respect it and increase it progressively, which will lead to higher profits in the future. To live on bets you need a very large bank that protects us from losses and allows us to have the ability to place high bets at certain times.

Be disciplined: People who want to live on betting at the beginning combine their normal work with their love of betting. Read a lot in your free time and do not get carried away by anger after a bad run.

When you bet, it is advisable to be fond of that particular sport or at least have a minimum knowledge of the circumstances of the event in question.

If it is a football match you can ask yourself things like the state of the pitch, if there are injured, if there are more important matches on the horizon, etc. Great teams sometimes fail in the League if they have an important Champions match 3 days later, even against inferior teams.

The same can be applied to other sports such as tennis: Is this player’s favorite surface? Is it a smaller tournament or is there a more important one around the corner? Many tennis players use the tournaments prior to Roland Garros or Wimbledon as preparation and after some rounds they are eliminated so as not to get tired before the big date.

Beware of the combined: The combined are the “cheat” bets par excellence. They give a very high potential return, but you multiply the chances of making a mistake. And above all remember not to put the same team in all your combined. If that team loses, you lose everything.

Become an expert in “rare” sports: Winning money with bets on first division football matches is complicated because the bookmakers do not make mistakes in the odds of these events and because there is too much information about them.

In more minority sports if there are more opportunities to hunt bargains precisely because the quotas are not as sharp as in more popular sports. Eye, we talk about minority sports. If you bet on baseball, you won’t get too many advantages. It may not be popular in Spain but on the other side of the pond it is and a lot.

How to become a tipster

Being a tipster is the other alternative to live betting. People who get tipster usually start by publishing their picks for free on social networks such as Twitter or by opening a free Telegram channel in which they place their forecasts. The picks are placed on the platform of free tipsters like the famous Blogabet.

They are promoted through Twitter itself or in forums, both betting and more general themes and gradually increase their user base.

If the number of users that follow them is high enough and the yield is good, they can consider moving to a Premium business model, in which they charge for the best picks.

For this, it is best to have a certain popularity and a solid user base. In this type of business , word of mouth works really well, so it is necessary to keep your ears wide open in search of any opportunity.

Who would not want to join a premium tipster that “guarantees” profits for a small fee?

It is customary for premium tipster to charge monthly amounts of more than € 1000 as soon as they succeed, but like everything, it is a full-time job in which they dedicate as many hours as in a normal job and although you do not have a boss who will life is bitter, there is also some pressure as a failure in a forecast can make the subscribers’ anger fall on you.