Head to head bets, what they are and how they work
  • 14.12.2019

The betting head to head or face to face  are a type of bet that is chosen the winner of two athletes from the same discipline.

It is a type of bet quite common in sports such as Formula 1, motorcycling or skiing.

What are bets head to head

Being rather individual specialties in which each athlete competes against the others, it is easier to establish this type of market in these disciplines than in other more collective sports such as football.

Another factor that makes motorsports perfect for head-to-head bets is the teams in most cases are made up of two pilots who have similar machinery, making it a perfect way to compare the performance of both and that is why head to head bets are so used in these sports.

In this way, the winner of a head to head bet is the best ranked athlete between the two who could opt for the bet in the event in question. If one of the two cannot finish the event or if both leave, the winner will be given to the one who has retired afterwards and therefore the one who has traveled the greatest distance.

Examples of head to head bets

As we say, this type of bet is mainly focused on motor competitions, although it is not the only case since they are also common in skiing. For example, it is common to see bets of this style.

There you can see the duels Bet365 proposes for a women’s ski event. You can see that each bet gives a choice between two participants, each with their odds. In general, the fees between both applicants are usually close although in almost all cases there is a favorite.

In motor sports it happens the same. The normal thing is that Fernando Alonso wins his teammate in the majority of great prizes and the same can be said of Marc Marquez about Dani Pedrosa.

When to use head to head bets

Head to head bets are a good solution when you want to bet on an event in which the winner is quite clear and whose quota is really low. If for example you wanted to bet on the winner of an F1 GP, the thing would be between Hamilton and Vettel almost always.

With head to head bets instead you could bet with somewhat higher odds. You could bet if Grosjean will be in front of Magnussen, if Verstappen will be in front of Gasly or if Sainz will be in front of Norris . You bet all that will surely have significantly higher odds than the winner of the race.

If you are a regular follower of F1, MotoGP or ski you should have a pretty clear idea of which of the rivals in head to head bets is the favorite and which one to bet on the best possible odds.

For this it is necessary to have all the possible information, not only of the position in which they start in the race, but also of race rhythms, ease of overtaking, dropouts or performance so far during the season. With all this in hand you will be able to make the best decision.

Recommended bookmakers for head to head bets

For head-to-head bets we recommend bookmakers that have the greatest variety of Betfair or Bet365 markets since you will see bets of this type with ease, especially on the day of the event.