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  • 27.12.2019

Sports forecasts are predictions about the results of a sporting event in which a bet can be made. Generally in the forecasts you will see the bet that is proposed (winner of the match, plus less than 2.5 goals, victory with handicap, etc.), the odds that the bet had at the time the forecaster proposed it in the specific house in which he thought was a good idea to make the bet and the stake that represents the amount that would be bet on the basis of 10. Keep in mind that when the tipster talks about a stake 10, it doesn’t mean that he would bet all his money, but That would make your maximum bet. For example, in the balance of your bookmaker you can have € 200 and decide that your maximum bet is € 5, in which case a stake 10 would mean € 5 and a stake 2 would mean € 1. The amount of your maximum stake is something you must decide, taking into account that in sports betting you can have bad times. So do not take our proportions as a reference.

Free sports tips: User guide

Sports forecasts are a great reference to have a second opinion about sports betting you might want to make. However, many want to follow the forecasts of a forecaster and earn money simply by copying him. This is possible, as long as you react quickly. But there are some difficulties that you should keep in mind:

In Spain you can only place sports bets at licensed bookmakers

In Spain we do not have access to all the sports betting houses that exist online. That is why, many times you will see betting predictions with excellent odds, but you will not be able to follow because the betting houses that operate in Spain do not offer such good odds. This is common, and will prevent you from following all the forecasts of some international forecasters.

The odds of the bets that indicate the sports forecasts will fall quickly

In addition, you should know that free tipters with better returns are also monitored by bookmakers, and even if they are not, when they publish a prediction, many users copy those sports bets. As a result, the houses detect a large amount of money betting on that option which causes them to lower the fees, so as not to have to pay too much in the event that the prediction is finally accurate.

Therefore, it is important to follow the best tipsters and copy their sports forecasts as quickly as possible, before the odds adapt.

Are free sports forecasts quality?

There is everything of course. But at bettingexpert we allow you to see statistics about the person who publishes the free sports forecast, so that you can check their history by making predictions in general, their forecasts about the sport in particular and forecasts about the competition in particular. As they say in finance, past returns do not ensure future returns, but if you find a tipster that has consistently won in the long term with its sports betting predictions, it seems logical to think that it will continue to do so.

In bettingexpert we have chosen to offer free sports forecasts, in fact everything, absolutely everything we offer is free. But to ensure a level of quality, we develop a monthly tipster competition for languages. In this way, forecasters can earn money with their forecasts if they are among the best, and this interest makes them try to get the best possible performance.

How to select a free sports forecast?

In addition to taking into account the history of the forecaster, when you analyze whether to follow the free sports forecasts you see you should consider your own ideas about the possibility of replicating it in sports betting. Do you convince the explanation of the tipster? Do you think it’s a good forecast? Make your own analysis of the match and compare it with the prediction you are reading.

In addition to that, you can also take into account the forecaster’s own streak. If you have ten successes in a row, it may be time to wait for it to fail. Especially if it is a tipster that is around 50% of hits. On the contrary, if you have a bad run, your time may have come. In any case, this is not an exact science and you just have to take it into account as another decision factor.

In bettingexpert you can follow any free tipster, simply by entering their profile and clicking on the follow button. This will allow you to receive emails when you forecast a sports bet. But if you prefer and do not want to receive so many emails you can disable notifications and only see them when you log in to bettingexpert.

Sports forecasts for today

The betting sector has grown so much that it is difficult to find a single day of the year in which there are no good sports bets with value to make. Hence we can be sure that on this page you will always find sports forecasts for today. In fact. Not only will you find sports forecasts for today with detailed analyzes for the most popular sports, leagues and tournaments on the planet, but you can also find others about much less common competitions known to most betting fans.

What sports tips for today can you find on our website

At bettingexpert we offer sports forecasts for today of a lot of different sports. Here are some ideas:

Are you a soccer player? Do not miss our football forecasts . Looking for tips for La Liga or Premier matches for this weekend? Here you will find them. Are you a fan of American sports? Enjoy our sports forecasts for today in different sports and competitions such as the NHL, the NFL , the MLB and the NBA . Looking for advice for a tennis match ? Here you have them.

Best sports forecasts

The best sports forecasts are those that if you could repeat in the long term again and again they would make you earn money. By this we mean that you should not focus so much on the chances of hitting or failing, but on the possibilities of hitting or failing sports prediction in relation to the fee paid. The idea is to apply the formula both for one of the possibilities of success x quota> 1. For example, 50% of possibilities of success implies somewhat for one of 0.5, if the quota is 2.35 -> 0.5 x 2.35 is greater than one, so it is a prediction with added value.

In addition, we recommend you see our Betting Academy. In it we explain how Asian handicaps work or how to calculate the odds of a bet based on their odds.

Competitions and prizes

Members of the bettingexpert community can participate in several competitions, including our monthly tipster competition in which we distribute € 1000 each month, with a first prize of € 400 for the first. And we give it to you in real money, without you having to bet it or anything like that!

Where to materialize betting forecasts

If you are going to start from scratch and have no betting experience, we recommend you try one of the following bookmakers, as they offer high average odds and above all, they have interesting welcome bonuses. You can find out everything in our review.